CATS is currently on stage at Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre, and as directed and choreographed by Amy McCleary, it's still gigantic, and extremely visually appealing.

This production of CATS is lavish, loud, and spectacular; it's worth a look for any fan of the show, or anyone who would like to become one.

- Marakay Rogers, Broadway World 

Dutch Apple does 'Cats' to purr-fection 

The production of "Cats" now at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre is first rate in every way that matters.

The dancers are excellent and their voices are strong.

The set is magnificent and wonderfully moody, the lighting is effective, the costumes and makeup are a knockout, and the orchestra sounds terrific.

That's a good thing considering the paper-thin plot of "Cats," involving a Jellicle Ball in which a gang of cats gets together to determine who is going to kitty heaven - called the Heaviside Layer by the cats - to be reborn with a new life.

Along the way, most of the numbers are about cats with larger-than-life personalities, like Skimbleshanks (Jimmy Robertson), the railway cat who is very enthusiastic about getting his trains running; or Mistoffelees (Michael Phillip), the magician cat who plays tricks on everyone and has a show-stopping dance number; or Macavity (Alexander Cruz), the master criminal.

If the dancing isn't exciting and the singing doesn't soar, there's really nowhere else to go.

But this production goes places, thanks to the fine direction and choreography of Amy McCleary . . . 

- Jane Holahan, Lancaster Online

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