This incarnation directed and choreographed by the ever so talented Amy Marie McCleary and her handpicked talented cast is in a word "awesome" and I do mean awe inspiring! McCleary uses simple, moveable sets, unpretentious costumes; and yet McCleary somehow manages to set the stage ablaze with action which fill the Palm's stage with color and movement acting as a perfect frame for the talented cast to perform in.

Webber and Rice's intention was clearly to place Christ's betrayal and death in the "last seven days in the life of Jesus" in a vernacular more immediate to our present time; and boy does it ever work when it is not cluttered up with sequins and overwhelming sets. This simplified version is far more relevant and resonates with today's audiences.

- Marsha Wagner, Sanibel-Captiva Islander 

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photo by Kinfay Morati 

First and foremost, Jesus Christ Superstar (JCS) is a rock opera. Not only is the action non-stop, it is insanely intense. Thanks to McCleary’s careful, reverent, even inspired attention to both detail and big picture, her  [JCS 08] masterful choreography functions as a character that’s every bit as important as the set, costumes and the actors comprising this impossibly large cast of twenty-one.

Each movement, each song and each dance number moves the story along its predetermined path, heightening the emotion and understanding of the passion unfolding on the stage. It’s an amazing feat,  [JCS 01] considering that at times the stage takes on the appearance of a traffic jam on the exit ramp connecting the 110 and 105 freeways in Los Angeles – but with rolling staircases substituting for sedans and SUVs. McCleary’s cast operates with the precision of a Swiss watch – or to complete the simile, the dancers in the opening scene of La La Land. The result is equally triumphant.

- Tom Hall, News - Press 

photo by Kinfay Morati