Directed and choreographed by Amy McCleary, this show is full of great voices, lovable characters, laughs, vigorous and expressive dancing, and some fabulously over-the-top 70s costumes from designer John P. White (especially the  shimmering silver space suits/superhero costumes that appear in the show’s finale). . . . 

The whole thing takes place on a breathtaking set designed by Evan Adamson: Mediterranean-style architecture, plants, flickering candles in alcoves and a tavern balcony overlooking a stunning backdrop with sailboats and an Aegean Sea that glitters and shimmers under the stage lights.

The moment I saw that set, I thought “Ahhhh…” Honestly, it made me want to pack my bags and head to Greece right away.

But I couldn’t.

I had a show to watch.

As Sophie, Lauren Mary Moore gets the story going by mailing off those three letters to her three potential dads. And it’s hard not to love Moore in this role. She’s sunny and effervescent and performs with obvious, infectious joy. . . 

. . .  you end up falling for Donna when you (finally) see some of her old, youthful joy peek out in the form of a loving smile — like a sun coming out from behind the clouds. Or when she absolutely breaks your heart on a wistful, defiant version of the ABBA classic “The Winner Takes It All.”

- Charles Runnells, News-Press 

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