"It is thanks to director/choreographer Amy Marie McCleary and the cast that this musical doesn’t get too sickeningly sweet and keeps its cartoonish humor.

Even Rooster (Craig Smith) and his loose girlfriend, Lily St. Regis (Theresa Walker), who try to scam Warbucks, keep the right balance and don’t turn into caricatures. Their number, “Easy Street,” performed with Miss Hope, is one of the highlights of the production. It’s so raucously fun, we readily welcome it when it’s reprised in the second act, the trio shimmying and strutting across the stage.

The ensemble in this large cast do triple duty as New Yorkers, homeless people in Hooverville and Warbucks’ servants.  


. . the stand-out songs, in addition to “Easy Street,” are “Hooverville” and “N.Y.C.”

“Hooverville” is a soft-shoe number with the homeless mockingly thanking former president Herbert Hoover for the mess he’s made of the country. Once tenants of penthouses, they’re now living on the street, reduced to trying to sell apples. 

And “N.Y.C.” is an exuberant love letter to the city, from its opinionated cab-drivers to the “fumes of the buses on Fifth Avenue.” There’s even a creative scene with everyone stuffed into a subway car, hanging onto the straps." 

- Nancy Stetson, Florida Weekly 

           Annie at the Broadway Palm is Brilliantly Charming


Amy McCleary directed and choreographed Broadway Palm's ANNIE, and she clearly did an outstanding job. Every single aspect of this show made it so wonderful.

Broadway Palm's production of ANNIE is not to be missed. Not only is the storyline beautiful and a bit bittersweet, but the show is also hilarious and full of music most everyone knows and loves. This was a monumental season for Broadway Palm, and it is no surprise that they're ending it on a very high note with ANNIE


 - Emily Yorgey, BWW 

A Much-Loved Musical At Broadway Palm

Oh my goodness, to quote one of the orphans in Annie, this show at Broadway Palm is not to be missed. It’s full of tender loving care with great songs and choreography, and a few comi- cal villains to boot. Piper Sobon, in the role of Annie, captures our hearts immediately. She has amazing stage presence and can belt out the tunes, like the popular Tomor- row and Maybe.

The orphans are darling and talented, singing and dancing with adorable fierceness including stomping on Miss Hannigan’s feet.  

The NYC number in Times Square was one of my favorites, but I truly enjoyed them all.

And then there’s our favorite dog Sandy (Peyton), who had his routine down pat. Annie is a heartwarming story about everyone’s favorite spunky, red- headed orphan and it’s playing through August 11 at Broadway Palm. The show is directed and choreographed by the multi-talented Amy McCleary.  

- Di Saggo, Island Sun News