Broadway Palm's Chicago is everything you'd expect and much, much more


Amy Marie McCleary’s name has already been mentioned in the context of the choreography for the show. But after a four-year absence from the stage, McCleary also stars in the role of Velma. Her performance is nothing short of a tour de force. As expected, her dancing is impeccable, wresting the eye from her castmates in the ensemble with her crisp, fluid movements and Fosse-inspired posturing of hands, wrists, pelvis and sinuous legs. But her voice is even stronger than her dancing, and that’s saying a ton! She flourishes in this role.

 . . . the entire cast of Chicago dares the audience to look at them. And in return, they make love to us at one stroke and openly regard us with murder in their eyes at the next. They’d make Bob Fosse proud of their performance. Which explains why you’ll be glad you came the show, as well. The production contains everything you’ve come to associate with Chicago down through the years – and much, much more.

- Tom Hall, Artswfl.com 

Broadway Palm's production had big shoes to fill, but "fill 'em" they did, thanks to a fantastic cast and my absolute favorite choreographer, Amy Marie McCleary, who is also starring in Rivera's role of Velma Kelly. This is the first time I've seen McCleary in a featured role of this caliber. Let me tell you, she not only awed us with her talent, she walked away with the show - big time! Choreographically speaking, she didn't so much mimic Fosse as pay tribute with her version of the "Fosse style." This woman is a major talent in whatever she tackles and Broadway Palm and its audiences are fortunate to have this gal in residence.

- Marsha Wagner, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

Chicago at Broadway Palm is a razzle dazzle production