The Wizard of Oz

"The choreography by Amy Marie McCleary is lively and entertaining; and the Ensemble, who perform multiple roles, executes them flawlessly."

- Shannon Plummer - White, Triangle Arts and Entertainment

"Amy Marie McCleary’s choreography was another bright spot in this show. The small group of dancers, and dances themselves, were captivating enough to almost deserve their own show (even if these numbers might be part of the reason Toto didn’t get enough stage time) and were impressive in their own right. Whether they were making subtle movements while investigating who dropped a house on The Wicked Witch of the East, or in a full on dance number in the Haunted Forest, they stole quite a bit of scenes."

- Sharai Bohannon, Picture This Post

"I think the most that this production has going for it is a talented cast and some nicely staged musical numbers by Amy Marie McCleary."

- Jeffrey Kare, Broadway World