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Saturday Night Fever

“Saturday Night Fever,” with music by the Bee Gees that put disco and dancing on the map nationally and internationally; crackling hot choreography and direction by Amy Marie McCleary – the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre stage transforms the simple story of a 19-year-old kid from Brooklyn who loves to dance into a stunning musical that transports the audience back to 1979, Bayside, Brooklyn, and the disco era" - Marsha Wagner, Island Reporter


" . . . the dancing was so fabulous. McCleary’s choreography is always spot on but, in this show, every dancer was spot on. Synchronicity ruled." - Kim Cool, Venice Gondolier


" Dutch Apple features a lot talent in its cast. Matt Henningsen plays a great Tony Manero, and he has large platform shoes to fill. He is a great dancer, and has a certain cocky swagger about him that would make Travolta proud. Payton Moledor is equally talented as Stephanie. She has an impressive voice, and can belt out a phrase as needed. I also like the unique cadence of her delivery that made her sound distinct from the other Brooklynites.

Other enjoyable performance include Kyle Kowalewski's turn as Bobby and Alexandra Tarsinov's portrayal of Annette. Both actors displayed intense vulnerability. Both wanted nothing more than the love and approval of Tony, but with different outcomes."                                                                    

- Rich Merhenburg, Broadway World

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