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Director and choreographer, Amy Marie McCleary has done a wonderful job of making each of the 27 numbers distinct, engaging, and vibrant. Although this is music from a bygone era, it is not simply a nostalgia trip. Certain costumes, vocal stylings, and particular dance moves suggest a modern influence, and they add deeper layers to the performance.

Swing! does not try to artificially weave the songs within some sort of contrived plot unlike many other jukebox musicals. It is an unapologetic collection of dance numbers with no need for dialogue or a formal story. Making this artistic choice leads to a cleaner, and more natural show. Similar themed musicals should take note.

The 20 member cast consists of six singers and 14 swingers (dancers). Each member had multiple opportunities to shine, and the high level of talent was consistent. Dance moves were crisp; vocals were in harmony. The onstage orchestra was brassy, loud, but never overpowering. Everything works together for a fun night at the theater.

- Rich Merhenburg, Broadway World

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