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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Broadway Palm

Set Design: Robert Kovach

Lighting Design: Russell Thompson

Video Design: Chris McCleary

Costume/Wig Design: John White

Stage Manager: Abigail Garrison


"It goes without saying that any musical directed by Amy Marie McCleary will be packed with inventive choreography. This show plays to her strengths. In addition, the costumes by John P. White and special effects on the video wall by Chris McCleary are dazzling. If spectacles are your thing, you'll love this production."

- Fran Thomas, Broadway World

The stunning choreography by Amy Marie McCleary is delightful to watch and the costumes are mesmerizing and many, which definitely deliver the spectacle the show is known for.

Broadway Palm also makes great use of its brand-new LED screen to add to the visual treat with some great effects and dazzling color.

This is a young talented cast that is charged with energy which keeps the show moving as it is sung throughout and the first act is over before you know it.

- Dave Elias, 2's Review, NBC


"Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre's production of JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT is a spectacle full of color, singing, and dancing. It tells the Biblical story of Joseph and his brilliant coat gifted to him by his father that becomes the envy of his brothers, and the journey that follows this moment - though in a very unique, modern, and fun way.

The show stars Jason Kimmel as Joseph, Libby Anderson as the Narrator, and Pete Clapsis as Jacob/Potiphar. They are joined by an incredible ensemble of performers playing all of Joseph's brothers and their wives, among other characters. This production was filled with endless talent; Jason Kimmel has a fantastic voice, and he did a great job portraying Joseph through his journey. Libby Anderson is spectacular as the Narrator, with a beautiful, strong voice and engaging stage presence. The rest of the cast is fabulous, and they made the show enjoyable to watch.

JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT was directed and choreographed by the amazing Amy Marie McCleary, and she did an excellent job with this production. It was fun, unique, colorful, and vibrant."

- Elizabeth James, Broadway World

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