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"This version of GREASE puts some slight twists on the well-known story, and it was a really unique and fun take. I enjoyed how each actor got to shine in their role . . . I thoroughly appreciated the efforts made in this production to change the traditional story and perspective of the show. You will still enjoy all the fun songs and characters of GREASE, but with new effort to re-frame the view of women, especially Sandy."

- Elizabeth James, Broadway World

"Grease slides onto the stage of Broadway Palm Dinner Theater through August 14th with a diverse cast of students that don’t at all resemble the typical 50s class of Rydell High which you might expect.

Director and Choreographer Amie Marie McCleary brilliantly does the best with the space she has to work with here and uses every inch of stage space for the choreography to keep the production moving. The best example of that may be the antagonist Cha Cha DiGregorio, the best dancer at Saint Bernadette who dominates the space with her wise cracking character to win the school’s dance competition."

- Dave Elias, 2's Review (NBC)

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