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The Sound of Music

Broadway Palm's production of The Sound of Music is a delight from the moment Melissa Whitworth as Maria does that iconic twirl, arms outstretched to embrace us. And really. Who among us can resist a stage full of kids? Or nuns?

Those nuns, led by Ariana Valdes as Mother Abbess, do a bang-up job of singing beautiful harmonies in Latin in front of the equally beautiful rose window in the abbey design by Chris Peters . . .

Broadway Palm is lucky to have a wealth of talented children locally to cast. Many of them have appeared in previous productions. There's not an untalented one in the bunch. Special kudos to Amy Fenicle as the eldest von Trapp daughter Liesl and Tim Canali as Rolf, her erstwhile boyfriend, for a charming song and dance number choreographed by Amy Marie McCleary who is also the director of the production.

- Fran Thomas, Broadway World

Captain and Kiddos .jpg

What do you do with a problem like Maria? Bring her to the mainstage of Broadway Palm for everyone to fall in love with all over again.

Actress Melissa Whitworth brings all of the quality charm and character to life prancing across the stage playing the singing confused girl Maria Rainer who can’t decide on becoming a nun or a stepmother to seven singing children.
Whitworth delivers by keeping the two-hour show moving with smiles, optimism and of course a great voice . . .

The show is beautifully directed and choreographed by Amy Marie McCleary.

- Dave Elias, 2's Review, NBC

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