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A Chorus Line

Fall 2022

The choreography of the show is nothing less than magical under the direction of Amy Marie McCleary who based it on the original choreography by Michael Bennett.

With 24 actors on the stage at one time not an inch of space is wasted for the various elaborate dance numbers.

The actors in this performance rise to the occasion of staying in step and in tune throughout to deliver a flawlessly dance numbers

- Dave Elias, 2's Review, NBC


The Palm’s always-brilliant choreographer Amy Marie McCleary . . . and a well-chosen cast, make this show as entertaining as the book by James Kirkwood and Nicholas Danter make it enlightening.

Female characters include Cassie (Kayelin Leon), who is “too good for the chorus line,” and Diana (Daniella Castoria) who “can’t regret what I did for love,” plus Val (Alexandra Nicole Garcia), who rocks the audience with tales of her body’s transformation.

Then there are the male characters, including Mike (Matthew Brightbill), who performs “I Can Do That”; Ritchie ((Josiah Thomas Randolph), who sings “And”; and Bobby (Dolton Bertolone) who dresses like a prep schooler befitting his background in a wealthy suburb of Buffalo.                                                 


- Kim Cool, Venice Gondelier

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